Our Very Special Workforce

PintSize Picasso proudly partners with VIP Services, Inc here in Elkhorn, WI, our hometown. VIP Services, Inc. is a non-profit organization providing a wide range of services for disabled adults, many of whom have multiple and severe disabilities.  Over 200 individuals benefit from various programs they offer, including a day services activities program, an education curriculum, onsite occupational training and regular employment opportunities for their adult clients.  Each person has the chance to explore their personal potential, while they begin realizing their individual goals.
VIP’s value-added production services and employment training provides VIP workers with a “real-world” work environment. Individuals get to experience the feeling of accomplishing their goals and what it feels like to take pride in a job well done,  while earning their own paycheck!  Earning a paycheck is an important step in becoming more independent for all adults and especially for VIP clients. 

We are blessed to be able to count on such a special workforce.  Our VIP workers provide 100% of the manpower it takes to assemble our craft products and stock our Craft Centers, which can be kind of complicated.  VIP associates also handle our packing and shipping process, carefully fulfilling your orders. 

VIP Services also has its own special projects.  They operate small businesses that allow new and more extensive training and work opportunities. One of those ventures includes a business called "Moments Remembered." Workers transform wedding bouquets, memorial arrangements and other floral tributes into beautiful dried flower arrangements, preserving the sentimental value of the original flower arrangement.  They do beautiful work; creating bouquets, wreaths and other decorative dried flower arrangements.

The "Company Store" is another business operated within VIP Services, an online store selling high-quality clothing and accessories for adults and children.  To learn more about VIP Services please visit their website and consider making a tax-deductable donation:   www.vipservices-inc.org

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