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The Value of Arts and Crafts

The purpose of the Learning Center is to provide adults with information they can use to encourage creative expression in their kids. We'll be adding information on a regular basis.

Art-play provides immeasurable benefits in a child’s overall development; supporting physical, emotional and social growth.  PintSize Picasso™ Craft Kits include information about a project's theme, which is a really fun way to help your kids learn even more.
Children and Creativity

Art enhances creativity, imagination and self-esteem during all stages of childhood development.  It engages the senses in open-ended play, helping develop cognitive, social, emotional and sensory-motor skills.  Not only do PintSize Picasso™ Craft Kits provide learning experiences for children, they provide pleasure, challenge and the opportunity to build and master their fine motor-skills.

We encourage parents and caregivers to provide their children with an environment where it’s okay to make mistakes without judgment, to color outside the lines, to explore all the possibilities when they work on a PintSize Picasso™ Craft Kit.  Allowing children to experiment with different colors, different mediums and materials helps them gain self-esteem and confidence.  PintSize Picasso™  wants adults to encourage their kids to invent new ways of doing our Craft Kits, using their own method of self-expression. 

Educational and Developmental Benefits

Future Topics Include...
Please send us suggestions for topics for the Learning Center and craft ideas you'd like to share.  

Discovering and Nurturing your PintSize Picasso
Developing your Child's Imagination
Encouraging Creative Thinking and Self-Expression

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